The Holy Black- Lavender Creeper Shaving Soap

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'Lavender Creeper. It's as good as it looks.
  In our signature porcelain tub, we took a little step out of our normal soap style and present you with a premium tallow shaving soap featuring 3 types of Lavender essential oils, one of which is distilled here, on premises through a steam extraction process. So now you know about the "Lavender", but the most exciting thing about this soap is the "Creeper".
  The Creeper is a menthol based cooling agent, the type used in toothpaste, gum and big brand shaving creams. It's colder than menthol with none of the burning eyes and menthol/mint smell. It also lasts much much longer and comes on slower.
   So, this shaving soap hits you upfront with the freshest, most incredible lavender you can imagine and then the cold creeps up your face and keeps it up. Can you handle that? Oh, and it also comes in a splash. And it's based on a house made,1 year, barrel-aged Perfumers alcohol.  Super small batch on this one, don't miss it!' -The Holy Black