The Holy Black/Caswell Massey- Regents Shave Soap LIMITED EDITION

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When the oldest brand in America asks you to resurrect a 150 year old lost recipe from their archives, you jump on it.

That's exactly what happened when Caswell Massey approached The Holy Black recently.

The formula for Regents has been laying dormant in a forgotten, handwritten book deep in the Archive Room at Caswell-Massey’s Headquarters for over 150 years, the recipes for some of these formulas go back to the 1750’s, and no one has so much as mixed, let alone smelled, any of these fragrances. We were brought into their Archive Room and allowed to pore through the stacks and stacks of antique books, registers and formulas. Packed with original apothecary equipment, furniture and antiques, the Archives are the ultimate resource for the history of fragrance and apothecaria  in America. In these records are the formula's for custom fragrances made for the likes of George Washington, JFK, Paul McCartney & Mick Jagger. Here is your chance to experience the ultimate luxury shaving soap coupled with the rich history of a long lost fragrance. 

This shaving soap is made in The Holy Black's classic hot-process formula and made with only the purest essential oils and absolutes that they could source. A Rosemary top note is surprisingly mild while adding a eucalyptic element to this otherwise strictly citrus fragrance. Heavy on the Neroli oil and Bitter Orange Absolute, the floral orange notes are the obvious stars of the show here. Lemon and Sweet Orange oils balance out the bitterness of the Neroli and Bergamot and lend a fresh but not cloying aspect to this simple yet elegant offering. Due to the low flash point of the essential oils used in this soap it had to be made in very small batches at low temperatures, although highly labor intensive, we think this soap is worth every minute of work that went into it.

This is a limited edition offering in porcelain dishes which will be discontinued after this initial run. 

In the spirit of historic apothecaries, here are some of the perceived benefits of the custom blend we have created for Regents. The essential oils used were (and still are!) believed to do miraculous things in the times when it was originally created.

Hair growth, slows graying, prostate health, improves memory, increases testosterone, heals nerve tissues

Antidepressant, aphrodisiac, antiseptic, cure cholera, reduce scars, relax muscles, used as a deodorant, emollient and skin smoother.

Sweet Orange:
Increasing circulation killing bacteria and pathogens, decreasing wrinkles, improving complexion, easing anxiety, decreasing hypertension, acne fighter

promotes fat-loss, immunity booster, mood enhancer, natural disinfectant

Antidepressant, pain relief(analgesic), relaxant & sedative cross between a sweet limetta and bitter orange.

Ingredients: Stearic Acid, Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils and Absolutes.