Fine 'Stout' 24mm Shaving Brush- Orange and Black

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There's no doubt that the iconic Simpson's "Chubby" line of shaving brushes are beautiful and a joy to use, but #1 always felt a bit too small and the #2 a bit too big. So the Fine "Stout" 24 mm Shaving brush was designed from the bottom up to fit exactly between the two in every respect.

The brush also features our beloved "Angel Hair" knot, which arguably performs just as well as the most expensive badger knots, but is available at a fraction of the cost, is 100% cruelty free, requires no break-in period, and has no associated animal smell.


  • 100% Solid Resin Handle
  • 24mm Knot with 50mm Loft
  • Handle measures 42mm tall with a maximum diameter of 39mm
  • Made in China