Captain's Choice - Nor'Easter

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Originating in the North Atlantic, Nor’easters thrive and pick up strength from the cold air in the atmosphere. Making landfall they bring snow and deliver a blast of cold air to the New England states. With this as inspiration, we have bottled up a cool refreshing treat for after the shave. You will detect a deep masculine base note and menthol right up front. Coolness sets in upon application and then lingers for just the right amount of time. After the dry down your skin will feel nourished and moisturized all day. 

Packaged in a four-ounce amber glass bottle.

Ingredients: Alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance oil, glycerin, menthol.

*Due to the high cost if international shipping on "hazardous" materials, Captain's Choice Bay Rum is limited to the US only. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to correct this in the future.