Captain's Choice- Bay Rum Sample

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For those wanting to test out these products before buying a bottle, or for those who travel and would like a convenient way to take Captain's Choice products along, we have the solution!


Captain's Choice bay rum aftershave delivers an authentic scent that customers just can't get enough of.  The wonderful bay scent predominates with hints of cinnamon and citrus.  Our bay rum aftershave brings just the right "zing" to a freshly shaven face and envelopes you in its heavenly scent.  Breathe deep and savor the moment... You will not only love the aroma but it will leave your face dependably moisturized all day long.  We saved the best for last - there are no cloves used in our formula.  

Made with all natural ingredients.

Ingredients: Alcohol, witch hazel, essential oils and extracts, glycerin.

10ml sample

*Due to the high cost if international shipping on "hazardous" materials, Alcohol based aftershaves are limited to the US only. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to correct this in the future.