The Holy Black: Tangerine Creeper SOLD OUT

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The Holy Black: Tangerine Creeper SOLD OUT

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Tangerine Creeper is the ultimate set for this summer. Bright citrus is brought forth in pure tangerine essential oil, fully encompassing yet fleeting enough for the summer months. The addition of Koolada provides the Creeper element as your face slowly gets colder with no hint of mint fragrance or the burning eyes of a classically mentholated soap or splash. The cold can last up to 45 minutes! Packaged in ceramic dishes and recycled Spanish glass bottles, the packaging alone is worth the price of admission. But don't just leave this set on the shelf! The contents are as good as it looks. Every one was printed, mixed, filled and wax dipped by hand. 

The Tangerine Creeper Splash is made with 2 year, barrel aged perfumers alcohol, the highest quality Tangerine essential oil, and Tangerine hydrosol made in-house here at The Holy Black, with just a touch of vegetable glycerin to rehydrate your skin while the Koolada kick keeps you cool.

The Tangerine Creeper Shaving Soap is in our coveted tallow formula for the slickest lather and best post-shave feel on the market today. The Tangerine essential oil is added at low temps to ensure it doesn't off-gas into the atmosphere while we are making it and Tangerine hydrosol is added instead of the water we use in our Artisan Soaps. Lather it on and the cold creeps up your face steadily. 

Tangerine Creeper Sets are currently sold out at these are the last sets available on the market.


*Due to the alcohol content, this product is only available to ship within the Contiguous U.S.